The Best Way to Prevent Losing Access to a Facebook Business Account

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Learn the steps to take to prevent losing access to a Facebook Business account. Losing access can have far-reaching consequences for your brand or organization, from revenue loss to legal implications. Find out how brands may lose access and how you can prevent this happening to you. Don't risk losing all your hard work; take action now to protect your Facebook Business account.

How to Overcome Common Challenges in Nonprofit Development

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Nonprofits are facing increasing pressure to develop nonprofit development programs designed to overcome common challenges, such as competition for fundraising dollars from a shrinking donor pool overall, and reliance on relatively few wealthy donors.

Nonprofits: Is it Time to Revisit Your Organization’s Mission and Vision Statements?

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Revisiting a nonprofit organization’s mission and vision statements are essential steps to guide fresh branding, market its updated, enhanced services and goals more effectively, and build a strong donor base for long-term, sustainable support.

Meet Lynn Gregorski: Founder, President, and Creative Director of Rapunzel Creative Marketing

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Lynn Gregorski founded Rapunzel Creative Marketing, a full-service marketing and advertising agency, after decades of experience in marketing and advertising, including over 20 years working in network television branding, marketing, production, and management.

Website Design Services for NJ Wedding and Event Venue Delivers Immediate Sales Lift

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Rapunzel Creative provided full website design services for a NJ wedding and event venue that resulted in immediate sales lift for the catering and reception hall throughout northern New Jersey and beyond.

Bergen County Website Design Agency Helps New Jersey Companies Gain Market Attention — and Win Awards

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Based in Bergen County, NJ, Rapunzel Creative Marketing designs award-winning websites for NJ and NY metro companies and non-profits for brand launches, rebranding initiatives, and to introduce new products and services.

The Best Strategies for Corporate Website Design and Brand Messaging for 2023

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There are always updates to website design and organization to consider to create a better user experience and attract new site visitors.Here are some top website design and brand messaging strategies from Rapunzel Creative to get your company website (and brand) to stand out in 2023.

Case Study: Marketing Communication Campaign for New Jersey Lake Community

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Rapunzel Creative Marketing designed a cross-channel marketing campaign for a NJ lake community to support its healthy lakes public initiative, with resident education and information about how to avoid high algal bloom and keep lakes open and safe.