Marketing Strategy Consult

Try our strategic consultation session — one of our most popular services.   This two-hour consultation provides an in-depth assessment of your marketing and sales strategy and lays the groundwork for progressing your growth.  During the meeting. we will review your brand reputation, company goals, annual sales, key sells, target customers and past marketing tactics. We will identify new opportunities to develop brand awareness, customer loyalty, retention and online sales.  This insightful session includes a written recap which is a valuable reference.  You can use the recap to execute strategies or talk to us about helping you on your way.

What We Cover

  • Brand review

  • Short term and long term goals

  • Value propositions – the key sells and strengths of your business

  • ID target market and ideal customers

  • Competition and the marketplace

  • Current and past marketing techniques

  • Set yearly marketing budget

  • Identify new marketing channels and tactics

  • Create action items for marketing

The Results






Case Studies

We work with B2B and B2C companies in all industries including funded startups.  Here are just a few of our success stories.

  • Automotive electronics company reports increases of 25-30% in product sales in one year

  • Regional food festival sells out 3 years in a row raising $20,000+ at each event

  • National furniture manufacturer gains highly visible digital footprint and strong organic search results in a competitive marketplace