Corporate Branding and Rebranding With Impact: Key Elements of a Powerful Brand Strategy

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Branding or rebranding your business requires a comprehensive marketing strategy. Learn about the importance of creating a targeted corporate brand and the essential elements of a successful corporate branding or rebranding effort.

Rapunzel Creative Kicks Off Awards Season With Video and Digital Advertising Awards

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The team at Rapunzel Creative is celebrating the recognition we’ve received with GDUSA and MarCom awards for digital marketing campaigns we produced in 2023.

Display and Native Ads: How These Can Benefit Nonprofits to Promote Their Causes and Programs

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Digital ads—both display and native—are popular online media buys because they reach donors, supporters, and beneficiaries where they spend much of their time.

Display vs. Native Ads and Why Brands Should Consider Them in Their Marketing Plan

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Digital ads, both display ads and native ads, are online, where a brand’s consumers spend much of their time. In this article we explain what native and display ads are and why we include them in clients’ marketing plans.