The Best Way to Prevent Losing Access to a Facebook Business Account

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Learn the steps to take to prevent losing access to a Facebook Business account. Losing access can have far-reaching consequences for your brand or organization, from revenue loss to legal implications. Find out how brands may lose access and how you can prevent this happening to you. Don't risk losing all your hard work; take action now to protect your Facebook Business account.

Case Study: Marketing Communication Campaign for New Jersey Lake Community

2023-06-13T13:44:55-04:00November 4th, 2022|Categories: Case Studies, Digital Marketing, Social Media|

Rapunzel Creative Marketing designed a cross-channel marketing campaign for a NJ lake community to support its healthy lakes public initiative, with resident education and information about how to avoid high algal bloom and keep lakes open and safe.

Are Facebook and Instagram ads still effective after the IOS 14.5 rollout?

2024-05-01T23:13:39-04:00August 23rd, 2021|Categories: Blog, Digital Marketing, Social Media|

Are Facebook and Instagram ads still effective after the IOS 14.5 rollout? Some marketers are reporting poor reach and impact and then there is the reduced tracking and personalization capabilities.

How Cross-Channel Marketing and Strategy Help a Client Retain its Market Share

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How cross-channel marketing and a clear strategy helped a client retain its market share during the pandemic.

Issues with Facebook Ad and Events? It could be the API.

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Facebook ads allow you to set up and track events or actions, but if you haven’t set up the new API, you may have trouble getting your ads to work or you may be missing important performance data. In today’s minicast, Anne Popolizio from Social Squib explains what you need to know about the API.