Corporate Branding and Rebranding With Impact: Key Elements of a Powerful Brand Strategy

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Branding or rebranding your business requires a comprehensive marketing strategy. Learn about the importance of creating a targeted corporate brand and the essential elements of a successful corporate branding or rebranding effort.

How to Plan for and Execute Your Organization’s Rebranding Strategy

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Business rebranding may be a fresh mission statement and updated design to a full overhaul of the company’s messaging and business model. It may also involve a name change. Here are key considerations for your business to prepare for a successful rebrand.

The Best Strategies for Corporate Website Design and Brand Messaging for 2023

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There are always updates to website design and organization to consider to create a better user experience and attract new site visitors.Here are some top website design and brand messaging strategies from Rapunzel Creative to get your company website (and brand) to stand out in 2023.

Measure Return on Investment (ROI) From a Website Redesign

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Organizations must invest in a website redesign to stay competitive with brand messaging, digital marketing trends, and UX and search principles.

How Fresh Branding and Web Design Helped this Prepaid Debit Card Catch the Attention of the Hispanic Community

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Redesign of banking and prepaid debit card and financial solutions website.