How to Plan for and Execute Your Organization’s Rebranding Strategy

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Business rebranding may be a fresh mission statement and updated design to a full overhaul of the company’s messaging and business model. It may also involve a name change. Here are key considerations for your business to prepare for a successful rebrand.

Another Award-Winning Nonprofit Website Design for Rapunzel Creative: Russ Berrie Making a Difference Award

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Rapunzel Creative is honored that the new Making a Difference Award website we designed is a winner in GDUSA’s 60th anniversary digital design awards. Rapunzel Creative’s nonprofit website design was among the top 10% selected for this recognition.

Rapunzel Creative is Named Among Agency Spotter’s Top 100 Branding Agencies

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Rapunzel Creative has been recognized among the top 100 branding agencies for the last quarter by Agency Spotter, an online marketplace for creative agencies and design firms.

3 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT for Your Business Content Creation Process

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Discover three innovative ways to leverage ChatGPT for your business content creation process. Explore how ChatGPT can generate ideas, write various types of content, and restructure existing content with ease.

Strategies for a Successful Nonprofit Fall Fundraiser

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In-person nonprofit fall fundraisers are a vital way for organizations to meet their budgeted donation goals. In this article, we share some tips for planning and hosting a successful in-person, nonprofit fall fundraiser, from communications channels to creating experiences.

Nonprofit Communications: What Your Donors Want to Hear and Why

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People give to nonprofits because they want to FEEL good. Therefore, nonprofit communications must make donors understand they are the heroes making a difference. You need to make them feel proud, important, and fulfilled by sustaining your mission.

The Best Way to Prevent Losing Access to a Facebook Business Account

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Learn the steps to take to prevent losing access to a Facebook Business account. Losing access can have far-reaching consequences for your brand or organization, from revenue loss to legal implications. Find out how brands may lose access and how you can prevent this happening to you. Don't risk losing all your hard work; take action now to protect your Facebook Business account.