Display and Native Ads: How These Can Benefit Nonprofits to Promote Their Causes and Programs

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Digital ads—both display and native—are popular online media buys because they reach donors, supporters, and beneficiaries where they spend much of their time.

Another Award-Winning Nonprofit Website Design for Rapunzel Creative: Russ Berrie Making a Difference Award

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Rapunzel Creative is honored that the new Making a Difference Award website we designed is a winner in GDUSA’s 60th anniversary digital design awards. Rapunzel Creative’s nonprofit website design was among the top 10% selected for this recognition.

Strategies for a Successful Nonprofit Fall Fundraiser

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In-person nonprofit fall fundraisers are a vital way for organizations to meet their budgeted donation goals. In this article, we share some tips for planning and hosting a successful in-person, nonprofit fall fundraiser, from communications channels to creating experiences.

Nonprofit Communications: What Your Donors Want to Hear and Why

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People give to nonprofits because they want to FEEL good. Therefore, nonprofit communications must make donors understand they are the heroes making a difference. You need to make them feel proud, important, and fulfilled by sustaining your mission.

How to Overcome Common Challenges in Nonprofit Development

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Nonprofits are facing increasing pressure to develop nonprofit development programs designed to overcome common challenges, such as competition for fundraising dollars from a shrinking donor pool overall, and reliance on relatively few wealthy donors.

Nonprofits: Is it Time to Revisit Your Organization’s Mission and Vision Statements?

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Revisiting a nonprofit organization’s mission and vision statements are essential steps to guide fresh branding, market its updated, enhanced services and goals more effectively, and build a strong donor base for long-term, sustainable support.