Corporate Logo & Design Services

Your corporate logo is your company’s visual identity. In an instant, it sends a message to consumers. It tells the story about the quality of your company, products and services. The team at Rapunzel Creative can help you create a new custom logo or redesign an existing brand with our corporate logo design services.

As a creative logo design agency, we work with businesses and corporations offering identity design services that position businesses as leaders in the marketplace.  We believe in corporate branding that tells a company story and promotes key strengths, so you gain a competitive edge.

How We Work

Creating a visual identity isn’t a one-step process, but an evolution. Let us introduce you to a whole new way of defining the core of your business and products.  Our process begins with a kick-off meeting in which we review all the aspects of your company including target customers, products and services, key selling points, preference on color and style and how you will use your logo.

Based on information gathered during the kick-off meeting, our expert design team will develop logo concepts to present to you. You will have the opportunity to review multiple designs and provide feedback.

Our mission is to create an effective and impactful logo that captures the best qualities of your business. You will be provided with a brand style guide for your logo along with multiple file types that can be used in on clothing and premiums and all forms of advertising and digital marketing.

Now that you have your new logo how will you use it? Rapunzel Creative’s branding and marketing services can help you integrate your logo through all your marketing platforms, including your website, brochures, social media, sales tools, email, video, and advertising.

Your new corporate logo is just a phone call away.
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