Outsourced Marketing Services

Rapunzel Creative’s outsourced marketing services are a cost-saving approach that puts a team of experts behind your marketing and communications.  As your marketing team, we can provide support and backup to your internal marcom departments, partners and affiliates.  We lead, inspire and collaborate with internal departments.  Nimble and efficient, we work with minimal supervision.  We embrace your company culture and brand and we can manage work using your project management system.

Benefits of Outsourced Marketing

Experts at your fingertips

Build campaigns and initiatives

No staff or overhead

Handle last-minute and overflow projects

Track ROI
Report results

Outsourcing your company’s advertising and marketing keeps your staff lean, strategies fresh and gets the work done quickly and professionally.

Think of our outsourced marketing team as an extension of your in-house department. Our pros will quickly learn your corporate culture and brand, and work nimbly and proactively to help you complete projects. By speedily building new campaigns—whether on social media, in print, or broadcast—our pros manage and execute strategies that meet your business goals, build your market reach, and increase your ROI.

We have all the right experts in place.  From the latest SEO tactics to social media and website development, our marketing experts will analyze your company’s work, develop a results-driven marketing strategy, and create campaigns to help you reach goals.

Outsourcing your key marketing initiatives frees up your staff for what they do best.  Launch campaigns quickly with our team of writers, designers, brand analysts, website developers, and SEO experts.

Spending money on an outsourced marketing service also stretches your marketing budget. It generates more revenue in the short term via broader market reach, and it pays off in the long run by cutting the costs of hiring a senior marketing director (saving as much as one-third of the six-figure salary and benefits of that person).

Our team will HONOR your brand and style guide and we will also create exciting new ways to apply it.  We bring inspiration and fresh ideas to the table.

Our results-driven team provides regular reports detailing campaign performance and ROI tied to your marketing activities.

Outsourced marketing brings rich experience and diverse ideas to your company and helps raise the bar.  Go ahead—give your marketing team that much-deserved vacation or personal time!   Reach out to Rapunzel Creative and set-up an introductory call to learn more.