Lynn Gregorski, President, Rapunzel Creative

Retain Customers, Drive Revenue and Increase Brand Loyalty

In this fast-moving, competitive marketplace, retaining customers and building brand awareness is a key component to sales success.  Rapunzel Creative is offering this complimentary 30-minute call to help you build an effective branding and marketing strategy for your corporation.

In this complimentary session topics include:

  • Evaluate your online presence
  • Review current marketing tactics
  • Generate more traffic and leads
  • Audit your customer loyalty strategy
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Answer questions and provide insight

In your complimentary assessment, we will talk about the biggest challenges in marketing your business and what types of marketing strategies you currently have in place.  During the call, we will determine where you can make improvements to generate more traffic and sales leads.  Rapunzel Creative will also provide you with feedback on your marketing and branding strategy and offer tips on how you can increase ROI.  It’s critical for most businesses to have a strong online presence.  During your marketing assessment, we will review your digital brand and offer strategic marketing insights to help you increase visibility.

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Strategic Marketing Drives Profit

We work with B2B and B2C companies in all industries including funded startups.  Here are just a few of our success stories.

Automotive electronics company reports sales increases of 25-30% in one year.
Digital ad campaign delivers 41K unique visitors in one month.
Social media contest gains reach of 32K and engagement with 5.5K followers in just a week.
Regional food festival sells out 3 years in a row exceeding fundraising goals.

Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

In order to create an effective marketing strategy plan, you must know your customer and their desires.  How do they think? What are their behaviors? What devices and platforms do they use? What drives their decisions?  At Rapunzel Creative, we believe the customer’s voice is one of the keys to successful marketing. That’s why we work closely with our clients and their sales teams to develop marketing programs and campaigns that help drive sales.

Want to dive deeper?  Try our strategic consultation session.  One of our most popular services, this two-hour consultation provides an in-depth audit of your marketing and sales strategy and lays the groundwork for progressing your growth.  During the meeting. we will review your goals, sales, target customers and past marketing tactics. We will identify new opportunities to develop brand awareness, customer loyalty, retention, and online sales.  This insightful session includes a written recap that is a valuable reference.

Marketing strategy sessions are available in-person within the tri-state area or virtually using Zoom, Skype, or your favorite video meeting app.

Want to know more about the different types of marketing strategy and the steps in the marketing process?  Read our articles, “What is a Marketing Strategy – and Why Do Businesses Need It?”, “A Marketing Strategy Example to Put Your Plan in Place” and “Strategic Marketing – The Mother of All Marketing Initiatives.”

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You already have too many emails in your inbox, so we promise, our emails will contain helpful information and insight on marketing your business.  Our emails go out every other month. Just enough to get helpful tips but not too overwhelming.


“Rapunzel Creative brought a whole new energy to our branding with fantastic ideas and creativity. Lynn was in person for the consultation and was able to gain our trust on the spot. If you are looking to add new life to your brand/company, Rapunzel Creative is the company you need!”

TJ Churchill, Business Development , Model Electronics

“From creating a marketing plan to designing a website and print pieces to handling social media and press releases, Lynn Gregorski and her team handled everything creatively, and reliably. They understood our specific issues and desired outcomes and kept us on track and focused. Working with Rapunzel was a great experience and cost-effective. Our literacy program has grown and we exceeded our fundraising goals.”

“Rapunzel did an outstanding job working with us on Knightsbridge Technology Group’s marketing and digital presence, as well as, our website design and deployment. Rapunzel’s approach is collaborative and based on deep industry knowledge. Rapunzel’s contacts within the industry were extremely helpful in marketing Knightsbridge reinsurance software products.”

Joseph Plasencia, President and CEO, Knightsbridge Technology Group, LLC.

“Rapunzel Creative’s attention to detail and marketing suggestions boosted my Agency’s visibility and clientele.”

Maria DeSantis, Owner, Xist Talent Agency