Case Study: Marketing Communication Campaign for New Jersey Lake Community

The Challenge: Motivate local residents to take action

A New Jersey borough engaged Rapunzel Creative Marketing to create a consumer-awareness ad campaign about the importance of maintaining septic systems and avoiding ground chemicals to keep area lakes healthy and clean. The campaign theme is “Make Healthy Lakes a Shore Thing.”

With four lake communities in the borough and waterfront recreation a major part of summer fun, the threat of high algal bloom (HAB) is a seasonal problem that results in lake closures. HAB is caused by contaminated runoff (from chemicals and septic system leaks) combined with high temperatures; the blooms can cause severe health problems for humans and area wildlife, including extensive fish kills.

The Strategy: Healthy Lakes Campaign with Cross-Channel Marketing

The concept behind the campaign is to keep the local environment safe and healthy so that the lakes are open all summer and available for all residents to enjoy.

The Rapunzel Creative team created a cross-channel advertising and marketing campaign focused on two initiatives: the importance of maintaining and pumping homeowners’ septic tanks and avoiding harmful chemical fertilizers that pollute groundwater.

  1. A campaign-specific web page, branded with the campaign tagline, was created; it provides important educational information and helpful tips for residents about the dangers of high algal bloom, with content that explains why septic tank pumping/maintenance and a switch to natural fertilizers are so vital to maintaining healthy lakes.
  2. Two direct mail pieces were sent (via EDDM) to every home in the New Jersey borough, with the campaign QR code and URL that brings residents to a custom-designed landing page.
  3. A Facebook & Instagram ad campaign was created to support the direct mail and the messaging on the web page
  4. LED signs in two borough locations carry the messaging and URL as well.

The Results

Over the 60 days, the Facebook and Instagram campaigns garnered 64,500 impressions and an 8.8% Unique Click Through Rate (Unique Link Clicks / Reach) at a $1.89 Cost per Unique Link Click. The video completion rate was 5.4%.

In addition, the two direct mail postcards sent three weeks apart, generated trackable visits to the landing page.

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About the Author: Lynn Gregorski

Lynn Gregorski is the founder and president of Rapunzel Creative Marketing. She has decades of experience in branding, marketing and promoting corporations, TV networks, and nonprofits. Her body of work includes national promotions, digital campaigns and Emmy-award-winning video production, as well as marketing communications across all media for nonprofits.

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