fall marketing

Yes, it’s that time of year. The air is crisp. The leaves are falling. Your marketing and ad plan for next year is due.  While many of us would rather sit and stare out the window and watch the pretty leaves fall, the Fall is the right time of the year, to plan for next year.

Putting together a marketing strategy and plan takes time and a lot of thought, but the pay-off is huge. Having a strategy in place for the year ahead will allow you to schedule important events, ads, and campaigns.  Better yet, you can work ahead of time to get them launched.

Is your New Year sales push ready? What promotions are you offering? How about campaigns for the Spring, Summer, and major holidays?  A comprehensive marketing plan includes details about how you will market your services and a schedule of campaigns. It also includes a budget, projected marketing expenses per quarter and target sales numbers per quarter.

Take the time to think through what your business needs and what opportunities you can seize next year.  When you have an effective marketing plan there are no surprise expenses.  There is no stress over the last minute campaign.   It’s all there on paper.

Start your marketing plan now!  Rapunzel Creative can build a customized plan for you.  Call 201-497-0364 or email us at info@rapunzelcreative.com.