Using Memes to Market Your Business

Memes as an Effective Marketing Tool

So let’s begin with the obvious question. What is MEME?

According to the Urban Dictionary:
meme (noun)

1: an idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media.)

2: a pervasive thought or thought pattern that replicates itself via cultural means; a parasitic code, a virus of the mind especially contagious to children and the impressionable.

A meme is a photo that is attention-grabbing sometimes featuring a scene from a movie, a celebrity or situation. It’s paired with clever copy and most memes are often humorous portraying a funny or relatable situation or mimicking an existing campaign.

Memes travel the digital world at warp speed. They are forwarded onto friends, family and colleagues through social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) email, instant messages and web pages. Creating a meme is a great way to generate free viral marketing. It’s also a way of extending your brand beyond your current followers. Memes, if popular enough can also generate a higher ranking on search engines. The more the meme is viewed, the higher your rank.

Recently Rapunzel Creative developed a set of memes for Butterfly Health and Wellness Coaching. The memes were used on Facebook to build interest for an upcoming seminar, “How to Fighting Sugar Cravings.”


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