We all know how different 2020 has been for businesses nationwide, and we were hard hit early on in northern New Jersey, where our marketing agency is located. Many companies and service providers were able to shift somewhat, to accommodate the changing needs of their consumers—but it’s anyone’s guess what 2021 will hold.

One thing that should not be guessed but rather, planned, is your marketing. Regardless of how you’re closing out this year, next year means setting your sights on a new marketing road map, with a new budget and marketing calendar to execute your activities in a strategic fashion. For example:

  • Your client/customer base may have changed so it’s time to reach your new or expanded audience through different channels.
  • The messaging that worked in the past might not be relevant for today’s business environment or your customers.
  • You’re now offering new products or services that need to be promoted.
  • You feel your business is stagnant and could use refreshed branding.

Whatever your issues, having a marketing strategy helps business owners outline and define their goals, identify opportunities for revenue and audience growth, and help build on the goodwill and trust with your current customers. The marketing strategy is the guide that is used to develop a marketing plan that informs which tactics to execute (and where) to reach your ideal customer or ferry your prospects along the buyer’s journey from awareness to intent to purchase.

As a boutique strategic marketing firm, with clientele in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, Rapunzel Creative Marketing has helped companies and non-profit organizations throughout the tri-state region build their brands and grow their revenues by generating higher brand awareness and sales. You can see samples of our award-winning work in print and digital marketing channels in our portfolio.

If you’re ready to identify new opportunities for your marketing in 2021, and want a strategic marketing plan aligned with where your business goals, schedule a strategy session or a complimentary brand assessment here.