Why Your Business Marketing Needs to be Proactive, not Reactive.

Marketing is easy to ignore when things are going well. But when the competition is suddenly taking the lead, marketing—or lack of it—becomes a crucial business activity.

We’ve seen many small businesses achieve success up to a point and then find their competitors nipping at their sales heels. It’s in the heat of that chase that business owners realize they don’t have a formal marketing plan to execute. They become reactive, trying to chase their competitors and regain market share; they try to fix issues they don’t know how to address—or may not be aware of the issues they’re about to face in their sector or market. Their marketing activities end up being disorganized (and frankly, a waste of time and money) when there isn’t a marketing plan and team in place.

Has this happened to you and your team? If so, these also may be familiar scenarios:

  • You haven’t been active on LinkedIn or other social media platforms where your consumers (and competitors) are; or your brand is completely absent on social media
  • A competitor admires your program or service and has copied it—and is marketing it effectively to its customers
  • Your well-intentioned plan to send monthly emails has been forgotten and email marketing has become sporadic
  • You’ve been relying too heavily on positive word-of-mouth for referrals and your advertising is non-existent
  • You haven’t updated your website since it launched 10 years ago
  • Your branding does not reflect what you do today, and your brand image and messaging are outdated

There’s no need for you, as the business owner, to drop the marketing ball; rather, you can work with an outsourced marketing and branding firm that can take that ball and run with it.

With a full-service marketing agency like Rapunzel Creative as your outsourced marketing partner:

  • You maintain a streamlined staff without the need to hire a full-time marketing director
  • You have a seasoned team of marketing professionals who will develop a customized marketing plan and execute it
  • You benefit from a proactive approach to marketing, with consistent email programs, social media and advertising campaigns, an updated digital presence, and professional marketing materials that convey your brand at its best.
  • Even better, you’ll stay ahead of your competition, with organized, actionable steps to generate leads and promote your goods or services.

In short, an outsourced marketing engagement will help you be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to promoting your brand with consistent, cohesive materials and messages.

You’ve worked hard to build your business and you have enough to do to run your operation, manage your employees, and work with your vendors. Adding an outsourced marketing firm to your team to create the right marketing road map for your business will help keep you on the path to growth. It’s what we do every day for companies of all sizes at Rapunzel Creative. If you’d like to discuss where you’d like to go, schedule a complimentary 15-minute marketing call.

Rapunzel Creative is a New Jersey-based full-service strategic marketing and branding firm serving small and midsize businesses. Our award-winning agency helps companies build captivating brands and increase sales through cost-effective advertising campaigns and digital marketing.