We have all been there. The ad deadline that is looming, the SEO plan that was due last month and still needs work, and the backlog of content marketing work. Who’s gonna save your bacon?

Whether you are a CMO, VP of Marketing or Marketing Director, the pressure of meeting deadlines, being able to provide measurable results and doing it all short-staffed are all day-to-day challenges. Oh, did I mention budget limitations?

Here is a case study on how the expert marketers at Rapunzel Creative, an outsourced marketing agency, helped a global financial services corporation* get design projects completed within budget and on time. Our team integrated with their company culture, learned their Workfront project management system and seamlessly picked up work overflow on a daily basis.


As an outsourced marketing firm, the team at Rapunzel Creative completed over 75 graphic design projects in a six month period, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a staff person. These projects ranged from making simple changes to pre-existing financial services white papers, financial product brochures and financial reports to creating the original design for print sales collateral from scratch. Our daily work involved updating highly detailed charts and graphs to simple changes like adding and removing content, updating legal language and adjusting formats to fit brand and style guide parameters.

Working with the global financial services client, our outsourced marketing team was live on the company’s project management system where we received daily notifications alerting us to new projects. Projects were assigned and started within 24-48 hours of notifications (Monday-Friday) and were completed on average within 48-72 hours. New and original content took longer to produce as we worked through various stages of creative in collaboration with the client.

If you are thinking, “I could outsource my marketing; where do I start?” it begins with finding a firm that is nimble, available and affordable—and one that takes each assignment to heart. That means finding a team that will champion your project and be as committed to getting the work done as you are. As you research outsourced marketing firms that will integrate well with your internal marketing team or leadership, look for an agency that:

  • Will be comfortable working on all levels of projects (strategy to design and development)
  • Will be comfortable working with all levels of your corporate team, from project stakeholders to the corporate creative team and upper management
  • Has a clear voice and opinion, and will contribute to your strategies
  • Provide support and problem-solving to your in-house team
  • Has a team of marketing strategists, graphic designers, and copywriters with experience in all media

The options for outsourcing are vast.  You can:

  • outsource digital marketing services
  • outsource content creation (written and visual)
  • outsource email marketing
  • outsource sales enablement
  • outsource email marketing
  • outsource website marketing
  • outsource a CMO

An outsourced marketing team can take-on large projects and get them set-up while your team deals with the day-to-day.  Using a team to conduct a brand audit, create a content marketing strategy or help sales build a toolkit and video are all ways the experts can help you move your projects along.

With an investment of your time up front to find the right team, outsourced marketing services can pay off big.  It is a cost-saving, efficient way for you to reach your corporate marketing deadlines and goals.

*Due to a contractual agreement, we are not able to share the client’s name or the work created on this site.