How the LinkedIn Background Image Tells Your Story

//How the LinkedIn Background Image Tells Your Story

Linked in Background Image Setup

Welcome to “Lunch with Lynn,” fresh-picked marketing and musings. On the menu today, that pesky blue constellation-like background that appears on LinkedIn profiles. So many people ask me, “What do I do with that?” “What do I put there?”

This circuit board of a background is the default background for every person’s career (personal) and company profile on LinkedIn and it’s easy to change. Most importantly it should reflect YOU! For your professional LinkedIn profile, I recommend choosing a background image that reflects your personality, industry or passion. If you are an artist, the background may be a work of art or splashes of paint. An automotive salesperson may feature an overview of the entire car lot or show a new car model that was just released. A scientist may use an image from the lab, or cells as seen through a microscope. Find a photo, real or conceptual, that resonates with you. Once you choose your background, you can change it out seasonally, quarterly or yearly. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

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The next step is sizing your image and then posting it to your profile. LinkedIn’s specs say that the background images must be:

Personal/Career Profile

    • File type JPG, GIF or PNG
    • No larger than 8MB.
    • Recommended pixel dimensions are 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels.

Use a tool like Photoshop, PicMonkey or Canva to create your background image and get it to the right size. Then go to your profile and click “Update Background Photo.” Upload and test. If needed, adjust your image and re-upload.

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My final lunch-hour snippet of advice… don’t put this on the back burner. Your LinkedIn profile is your professional, online resume and business card. Make it shine by adding a fresh, unique background image to your profile.

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