Rapunzel Creative Marketing, based in Ridgewood, N.J. has been named a finalist in the 51st Annual NJ Ad Club Jersey Awards. The agency is being recognized for a video campaign created for Conrad’s Confectionery in Westwood titled, “If You Stack ‘Em They Will Eat.” The entry category is “Video-Campaign, 3 or More Elements.” The campaign was created to promote ice cream pies and sandwiches as must-serve desserts during the November-December holiday season.  The copywriter and creative director of the video campaign was Lynn Gregorski, founder and president of Rapunzel Creative, with videography by Adam Boyer.  “We are thrilled to be recognized among New Jersey’s top advertising agencies and award-winning marketing firms,” said Gregorski.

If You Stack ‘Em They Will Eat

Conrad’s Confectionery / Conrad’s Candies / Conrad’s Ice Cream

An established regional confectionery asked the Rapunzel team to create a digital plan to build product awareness and boost sales of ice cream pies and sandwiches for Nov-Dec holiday gatherings. Good-bye pumpkin pie, hello pumpkin ice cream pie! This simple campaign showed holiday hosts that you CAN service ice cream for Thanksgiving, offering ideas like stacking a variety of ice cream sandwiches to create a stunning dessert.

“Conrad’s asked us to create and execute a digital marketing plan that would build product awareness and boost sales of its ice cream desserts as alternatives to the usual holiday pies and cakes,” said Gregorski.  “This simple social media campaign showed holiday hosts that instead of the typical pumpkin pie, you can serve ice cream for Thanksgiving.”

A social media campaign was created featuring three (:15) videos promoting the products. Supplemental, low-budget video boosts were added, but most audience engagements were organic.


Combined with a series of three other social media videos and a contest, the business garnered the following Facebook results:

Post reach 43,138, up 884%

Page LIKES, up 588%

7,782 post engagements, up 231%

12,427 video views, up 53,929%

The companion contest resulted in over 1000 combined comments and shares in the first 24 hours.  33,246 people were reached with 3,283 post clicks.

The client reported a 30% increase in sales over previous seasons.  “The posts dramatically increased follower engagement and generated buzz about the products,” said Gregorski.

About Rapunzel Creative

Rapunzel Creative is a results-driven strategic marketing firm and advertising agency that builds innovative brands and drives sales through imaginative campaigns, digital marketing, and advertising. It specializes in helping corporations gain market share by reinventing existing brands or developing new brands that are value-centric, distinctive, and memorable. Rapunzel Creative’s portfolio includes B2B and B2C brand advertising in a wide range of industries, including technology, insurance, automotive, financial services, real estate, law, manufacturing, health and wellness, hospitality, tourism, and nonprofit.