How to Effectively Market Your Financial Services Firm

In our digital age, properly marketing your financial firm online is essential. Customers only make financial commitments when they feel secure in their choice. With an economic market in constant fluctuation, it is key — now more than ever — to instill trust, promote a sturdy brand, and offer products that clients will see as reliable, efficient, and fiscally beneficial. Below are five guideposts to ensure your financial firm is marketing itself to the best of its ability.

Create a solid brand — and then vary your tactics

Whether you work directly with consumers or are a B2B partner, your marketing for your financial services needs to be compelling and versatile. Integrate tactile and digital experiences to increase impressions and stay fresh in customers’ minds. After pinging consumers with a catchy email, follow up with a direct mail piece. Send out a brilliantly designed brochure, and also host a virtual live stream to answer client questions or spotlight an executive at your company, putting a face to a name.

Operate in Accordance with FINRA

Financial services organizations have to deal with a unique set of communication rules, ones governed by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). Their rules protect customers from false advertising, so it’s important — as more and more sales originate on social media — to maintain an honest digital presence that does not exaggerate claims or mislead prospects. But it’s not just posts that are scrutinized: FINRA also states the landing pages you send customers to must also feature transparent sales language. So much of today’s customer service also happens online or via text, so companies must keep digital receipts of these exchanges to protect clients’ integrity. Additionally, if clients/outside hires work as journalists or influencers on a company’s behalf to boost their brand and presence, such content must be properly identified as an advertisement.

Cultivate prestigious partners

There’s no better way to strengthen your brand than by having your work speak for itself. One primary way to amplify your financial services marketing is to partner with distinguished peer companies. The B2B world is immensely collaborative, so seek strategic partners that have a similar audience but don’t provide competing services. Try co-leading a community event or panel, or perhaps initiate and co-publish a report that’s mutually beneficial for your audiences.

Study, and act on, customer trends

We fire out emails with our latest news, but how often do we pause and analyze what consumers are responding to? It’s important to note which subject lines affect open rates and which pieces of content subscribers click on. Email communication is free, but it’s of no use if your financial firm isn’t reading between the lines to see your list’s click paths and culture. Email tracking helps your team learn what content most interests your customers. By studying email performance reports, companies see who opens their emails, how much time they spend inside them, and what most clients are gravitating toward. Once you notice trends, your financial firm can create specific emails that offer segmented lists their desired content and deals, maximizing efficiency and sales.

Stay social, and topical

Knowledge is power! Your financial firm can be a gatekeeper to share the most up-to-date information and the most cutting-edge trends. How do you communicate these ideas? Social media is an immediate and effective medium to share your expertise and establish customer trust. Use unifying themes or weekly hashtags to deliver consistent newsletters or habitual reports. Make your content and information so reliable and constant that customers look forward to visiting your pages just to see what’s new. Make use of video, text, and images in your posts — while keeping each bit of content inside the brand of your tone, color scheme, and language.

Whether you’re looking to reach new customers or boost your brand, the Rapunzel Creative marketing agency helps financial services firms, brokers and financial advisors create effective strategies for selling products and services. With experience in FINRA compliance and having worked with top financial services companies around the globe including Merrill Lynch, Legg Mason, CNBC and MarketWatch, Rapunzel Creative will help you strategize powerful marketing plans and campaigns to promote your products and services. Call 877-709-3456 to set up an introductory meeting or use our online scheduler.

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