How Much Does Corporate Branding Cost?

What You Can Expect to Pay for the Best Corporate Brand Identity Design

Ask ten different companies what they spent on branding and you’ll get ten distinctly different price ranges that vary anywhere from $500 with a local designer to $50,000 with a top branding agency. With such a difference in price range, you may wonder how much should you spend on branding your company and what should you expect to get for the price you pay. Here that old saying holds true, “you get what you pay for.” both in design and depth of service.

Each company has a unique set of needs — are they building a new brand, doing a brand refresh or a complete brand overhaul? Branding is much more than having a custom logo or an in-house font for all your copy. Solid branding encompasses these key elements:

  • Name: Company or product
  • Visual identity system: logo design, typography, color, supporting visual elements, brand style guide
  • Communication: Brand story, positioning, and messaging
  • Website
  • Printed brand materials: business cards, signage, brochures
  • Digital branding: social media, online advertising

When you are getting quotes for branding services, the branding agency may be offering you all the services listed above as a package or only one of two services. To determine the best fit for your company, you need to assess where you are in company reputation, growth and revenue and identify your specific needs.

Visual Branding

If you hire a designer to tackle this aspect of a corporate branding package, they are concerned with visual branding, but typically do not provide a branding strategy, the branding messaging or copy. You may get a beautiful logo but with no customer journey and brand messaging behind it.

If your budget is a little smaller consider going with brand identity design services that will get you started in the right direction rather than designing a logo and materials that don’t communicate your overarching mission and strategy.

Messaging and Design

It’s critical to integrate design with messaging — imagery and copy complement each other, sharpening your brand’s focus. Some agencies can provide this dual service and consider how language marries with visuals for emails, ads, and other marketing tools. You share your concept and values so a branding team can verbalize it into a mission and memorable words to promote and brand your business. This service can often involve coming up with a slogan or tagline, something sticky and cohesive that customers can remember.

Many clients come to Rapunzel Creative with a business model, but we help them refine that into a unique position in the marketplace to offer something singular and distinct. Key messaging and engaging content can reinforce that you are an expert in your field and the company to patronize for the specific services you articulate and provide.

Brand and Business Strategy

Many agencies offer graphic design or communications services, but some, like Rapunzel Creative, provides the trifecta of branding. Brand and business strategy help you position your company in such a way that profit is prioritized, SEO leads potential customers straight to your page, and compelling content keeps these patrons engaged and enticed.

These types of services are rare because they necessitate knowledge of brand design, brand strategy, communication platforms, and how these all mix together and inform the other. Working with a brand marketing agency that understands brand and business strategy means you’re collaborating with experts who will help you dominate the market and become the leading voice in your field. Their cutting-edge techniques and savvy strategies can push any business, regardless of size, to the next level and make it not only omnipresent in the market but also the company consumers look forward to frequenting.

Rapunzel Creative, an award-winning branding and strategic marketing firm, offers a variety of branding services and customized packages to meet each company’s needs and budgets. If you’re looking to launch your brand or revamp your business strategy, set up a consultation call today, and see your corporate brand come to life.

About Rapunzel Creative

Rapunzel Creative is an award-winning branding, digital marketing, and advertising agency located in Bergen County, New Jersey, within the New York metro market. Services include business branding, website design, digital marketing (such as social media, SEO, and email marketing) and advertising campaigns. The agency also specializes in nonprofit marketing and branding. Rapunzel Creative is certified by the State of New Jersey as a (WBE) Women Business Enterprise, is a WBENC certified organization, and is a certified SBA and WOSB and approved contractor with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.