THE CLIENT: Global Asset Management Firm*

CHALLENGE: A global asset management leader was seeking a fresh, new digital ad campaign to promote one of their investment products. Working with the corporate stakeholders and the internal sales team, we identified three key product strategies and crafted a unique approach and unexpected messaging for each product.

Target Audience: The campaign was designed to connect with financial professionals.

(3) National Digital Banner Ad Campaigns
Platforms: CNBC, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Morningstar, Yahoo Finance and more

Marketing a Financial Brand

Our stand-out digital banner ad design combined with messaging that targeted customers’ pain-points, generated increased traffic and improved ad recall.

Advertising Campaign: Three (3) messages were promoted via digital display:

  • Campaign A targeting pain points: Almost half of all impression delivery (0.26% CTR)
  • Campaign B targeting year-end giving: Direct response ad (0.25% CTR)
  • Campaign C offering education: Highest response (0.29% CTR)


With exacting strategic ad placement by the media advisory company the digital display ads generated 94.7k unique visitors to the landing pages. These visits resulted in 116.1k page views. A total of 170.5k unique visitors engaged with the landing pages and there were 198.6k brand engagements (0.29% CTR) across all tactics.

With a track record of success, Rapunzel Creative was asked to create new campaigns for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. For the ear-end 2019 campaign, 73% of the landing page visits came from the display ads. The campaign also delivered a 61% increase in web traffic from the ads compared to December 2018.

*Due to our agreement with the client we are unable to reveal all the details of the campaign.

Rapunzel Creative is full-service firm providing marketing services for asset management firms, investment management companies, wealth management firms and financial advisors. With experience in B2B and B2C marketing for financial services and investment products, our agency can help your company position your brand and advertise your products and services so they stand-out in a crowded field. Our breadth of experience includes work with Merrill, Legg Mason, CNBC, MarketWatch and more.