3 Things You Must Do This Holiday Weekend

Welcome to “Lunch with Lynn,” fresh-picked marketing morsels and musings. On the menu today, three simple things you can do this holiday weekend to recharge your batteries. Whether you are shuffling off to the Hamptons or prepping for a backyard barbecue, I’m challenging you to take three ten-minute breaks that will pay-off in a big way. Here are your MUST DOs:

1. Clear Your Desk

Before you leave work and start your weekend, take ten to clear your desk.  Stack, organize, prioritize and create a clean, clutter-free desktop to return to next week. Lois Kramer-Perez C.Ht. of Feng Shui Your Space and Your Soul says, “Feng Shui teaches us that the first thing we see is what we create. Clutter on the desk generates clutter in the mind. A clear workspace gives us breathing room.” Kramer-Perez adds, “Science tells us the mind does not know the difference between a memory and a live activity – if you have a cluttered desk before you even sit down at your desk, your mind will become disorganized. An organized desk allows for an organized mind, giving us more than enough time with plenty of ease.”

2. Meditate on a MountaintopRapunzel Creative Marketing and Advertising New Jersey

Find somewhere local to chill, connect with nature and just think about nothing. It could even be your own backyard.  Listen to the wind.Watch the ocean. Feel the sun. CLEAR YOUR MIND. This is a great exercise for completely slowing down the brain and body and in just a matter of minutes, you can feel renewed.

3. Color Inside and Outside the Lines

The next morsel isn’t just on the kid’s menu! Adult coloring is a hot trend and the “prescription” for adult coloring dates all the way back to the late psychologist Carl Jung. Randi Levin, Transitional Life Strategist and Reinvention Expert had been using coloring within some of her transformational workshops as a tool for creativity and renewal. Levin says, “Coloring is a creative and task-oriented activity that allows us to pause in the moment and de-stress and unwind. Part of the overall appeal of adult coloring is that once we focus on coloring, our worries disappear.” Levin says that when we color we use both sides of our brain and we engage in a welcome pause that grounds us at the moment and allows us to focus in a way that technology negates. “ Levin adds, “Coloring for adults is detoxing, mindful, and carefree. It stimulates the senses, promotes calmness, and refreshes our perspectives. It is an activity that we can perform solo or in multi-generational groups.”

So this weekend set aside 30-minutes for YOU. Take three ten-minute breaks to clear your mind, connect with nature and get creative. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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