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The Rapunzel Creative marketing team understands how small business works. We know that you don’t always have the time to do a marketing plan, manage your social media or even find out what SEO is and why you need it. You are too busy running your business.  That’s why we offer a wide variety of marketing services as well as consulting.

Our goal is to educate you on how to market your business within the time and budget you have. We will even train your staff. Let us create a customized marketing plan to grow your business!

Strategy    Logo Design    Branding
Copywriting    Social Media    Graphic Design
Website Design    Email Marketing    Video Production
Blog Development   Marketing Plans and Budgets
Small Business Coaching    Customized Staff Training

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Call 201-497-0364!



Social Media: Who is running your sites?

LIKES. PINS. TWEETS. FEEDS. CIRCLES. Going social is an integral part of growing your business. As easy as it is to post, tweet and snap a photo with your phone, every bit of information you put out there reflects back on you, your business and your reputation. Do you have a social media plan and policy? Who controls your posts? Are they planned or spontaneous? Is your intern running all your sites? Rapunzel Creative can put together a plan that is fresh, insightful, targeted and effective.

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Victoria Colotta

Victoria Colotta


VMC Art & Design, LLC

“I had the opportunity to work with Lynn (Rapunzel Creative) on developing the the Halfway Hounds brand, website as well as their promotional materials. From the first meeting, we just clicked.  She always kept in mind the mission of the organization as well as honoring the brand that Halfway Hounds was trying to develop. She understood that since, at the time, this was a new nonprofit and it would be key to keep everything consistent across all platforms.  One of our biggest undertakings was the website.  Together we worked on developing the look, navigation, and overall user experience for the site. It was easy for me to create a site because she had all the content ready and clear message for the organization. It is great to find someone that respects the creative process as much as Lynn. I have loved working with Lynn on all of our projects!”  


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