“An exhaustive search turned up our new friends at Rapunzel Creative.  As luck would have it, it’s not that hard to get people to work with you when there’s beer involved, so they said ‘yes’ and got busy crafting the next generation Alementary brand.  We’re becoming bolder and more daring, but we’re still not jumping on fads.  We’re doubling down on quality.  We’re pushing hard on creativity.  We’re owning the geeky cool vibe you all love us for.  We’re expanding our distribution with new partners.  In short, we’re all-in on us… and piloting our brand alongside a creative firm that’s very quickly become a group of friends.

Our logo has been updated to fit our cool nerd vibe, and if you’ve been keeping an eye out on our social media or grabbed some cans you may have noticed that our labels are getting a facelift. This process has supercharged our creative energy and we’re very thankful for the opportunity to engage in this transformation.”

Sourced from Alementary Lab Notes (https://www.alementary.com/lab-notes/)