Project Description

Our team created a new website for this non-profit organization, that provided a much-improved user experience and better conveyed the breadth of services that the Mental Health Clinic of Passaic offers. The updated rebranding comprises a fresh and more subdued color palette and the site navigation enables visitors to find the services they seek more readily. The new images reflect the diversity of MHCP’s clientele and an online form makes it easier for people to contact the organization. Within days of its launch, the new site captured 10 new prospective clients through the form and phone calls, and garnered several phone calls about internships for social work students.

Forty-five days post-launch, the agency reported over 60 client inquiries, a dozen internship requests, and a variety of other inquiries from potential partners and referral sources, all through the online inquiry forms.

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“Within days, we saw the difference. The new website highlights some of the amazing programs we have and the full scope of the work we do. It also gives people who don’t want to call and talk to us right away the opportunity to contact us through a simple form. Ten people already contacted us looking for help—five of them through the online forms—and three social work students have called us requesting information about our supervised internships. We’ve always accepted internship candidates but no one ever knew this about MHCP before.”

Melissa Cantada, Director of Human Resources, Mental Health Clinic of Passaic