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Hire Rapunzel Creative to produce your video project.  We script, direct and edit a wide range of high-quality productions including corporate videos, facility tours, trade show presentations, TV commercials and online content for websites.   Whether your video needs are short form or a longer program or presentation, we develop all types of projects and can work within most budgets!  Our team of award-winning producers and directors have worked for major networks and post houses across the country and are ready to bring your message to life.

Contact us for an estimate at 877-709-3456. 

Video productions include:

We produce long form and short form projects, and can work within most budgets!

Production Services:

Concepts and script writing
Producers, directors, and editors
Production crews
State-of-the-art-digital editing
Motion graphics and animation
Location Scout
HD camera and lighting packages
Location and studio shoots
Packaging and duplication

Come Taste Life was the theme of this Food Network presentation to media buyers.  The piece focused on the deep connection viewers have with the network’s content and stars.

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