Project Description

Create a branding and marketing strategy to position this event as the ultimate regional food festival.

  • Market annual fundraiser
  • Sell-out tickets in advance
  • Attract a younger audience – millennials
  • Promote participating restaurants
  • Establish Westwood as a food destination
  • Raise $20,000

Westwood Public Library and the Friends of the Library also brought our agency onboard to produce a two-sided ESL flyer and a companion video.


  • PR, social and online campaigns.
  • Younger sell-out crowds three years in a row!
  • Over $20,000 raised!

Created a vibrant social media brand with engaged followers:

  • Twitter audience grew 27%
  • Instagram followers increased by 70%
  • Facebook ticket contest reach over 10k, 466 engagements and 483 post clicks.